Prepare to embark on a journey where the legendary music of David Bowie meets the limitless possibilities of tabletop gaming! In this article, we present a collection of thrilling adventure hooks inspired by the enigmatic and imaginative world of Bowie’s songs.

Each hook is designed to captivate your players, drawing them into realms where time twists, memories come alive, and diabolical fey beings weave their dark magic.

Whether you’re seeking to add an element of mystery, enchantment, or intrigue to your campaign, these Bowie-inspired adventure hooks will provide the perfect spark to ignite your next epic tale.

So, gather your party, roll the dice, and let the spirit of David Bowie guide you through these unforgettable adventures!

The Man Who Sold The World / Echoes of the Fallen Pact

As the party makes their way through a dimly lit corridor in a grand, ancient castle, they encounter an enigmatic figure on the stairs. He is dressed in old, regal attire and has a hauntingly familiar presence. He speaks in a low, resonant voice, “We passed upon the stair… We spoke of was and when… Although I wasn’t there, he said I was his friend.” His eyes lock with one of the adventurers, and he continues, “I thought you died alone, a long long time ago.”

Call to Action: The figure, who introduces himself as Alaric, grips the adventurer’s hand firmly and says, “Oh no, not me. I never lost control. You’re face to face with the man who sold the world.”

He then implores the party, “I need your help. Centuries ago, I made a pact with a dark entity for power and immortality. In return, I became the lich that you now behold. My soul was bound to this land, and it has been cursed ever since. Crops wither, waters are poisoned, and the dead walk among the living. I now recognize the evil that I have unleashed on the world around me. Please help me undo this pact and free the world from the shadow that I have foolishly cast.”

Objective: The adventurers must journey with Alaric to uncover the details of the dark pact he made. This quest can take them through forgotten ruins, ancient libraries, and into the depths of the underworld to confront the powerful entity that holds Alaric’s soul. Along the way, they will encounter spectral remnants of Alaric’s past, including those he betrayed and those who once called him friend. The ultimate goal is to break the curse and restore balance to the land, ensuring that Alaric’s past mistakes are rectified.

Specifics about the curse include:

  • Blighted Lands: The once-fertile lands around the castle are now barren and desolate. The party must find a way to cleanse the soil and restore its fertility.
  • Tainted Waters: Rivers and wells are poisoned, causing illness and death. The adventurers need to purify the water sources to save the local populace.
  • Restless Dead: Spirits and undead roam the land, tormenting the living. The party must put these souls to rest by uncovering their stories and resolving their unfinished business.

Space Oddity / The Celestial Journey of Major Tom

The party is summoned to the grand hall of the Astral Academy, where they are greeted by a group of high-ranking officials and wizards. Archmage Elara Voss, a leading figure in multiverse exploration, addresses them with a mixture of excitement and concern. “Ground Control to Major Tom,” she begins, “We need your help. Major Tom, our most esteemed astral knight, is about to embark on a critical mission to explore the far reaches of the celestial realms. However, we fear something may go wrong.”

Call to Action: Archmage Voss continues, “Major Tom has made the grade, and the whole world is watching. He is about to commence his journey, but we need a team of skilled adventurers to ensure his safety and success. You will act as his support team, both on the ground and through magical means, to guide him through the perils of the celestial spheres. Your mission is to assist Major Tom in navigating the unknown, collecting vital celestial artifacts, and ensuring his safe return.”

Objective: The adventurers must support Major Tom as he embarks on his celestial odyssey. This quest will involve a series of challenges and tasks that test their ingenuity, bravery, and teamwork.

Major Tom’s journey involves breaking through a powerful celestial portal to reach the heart of the astral realms. However, this portal is guarded by ancient cosmic entities and is surrounded by four navigation crystals that must be protected.

As Major Tom works on breaking through the portal, waves of celestial enemies are released into the chamber. The party must defend the four navigation crystals from being destroyed, as these crystals are essential for stabilizing the portal and guiding Major Tom’s path.

Specific Challenges:

  • Wave of Astral Beasts: The first wave consists of comparatively weaker creatures from beyond the material plane. The party must use their combat skills and strategic positioning to fend off these attackers while ensuring the crystals remain intact.
  • Arcane Puzzles: Between waves, the party must solve arcane puzzles to reactivate the protective wards around the crystals. These puzzles could involve deciphering ancient runes, aligning celestial symbols, or channeling their own magical energy into the crystals.
  • Cosmic Guardians: The second wave introduces more formidable foes. These enemies will be tougher and require the party to use advanced tactics and teamwork to defeat them.
  • Environmental Hazards: As the portal becomes more unstable, the chamber itself starts to present dangers. The party must navigate through sudden gravitational shifts, bursts of astral energy, and collapsing sections of the chamber, all while continuing to protect the crystals.
  • The Final Guardian: Just as Major Tom is about to complete the portal breakthrough, a powerful Astral guardian forces its way through the portal. This entity should pose a significant threat, requiring the party to bring all of their skills and resources to bear to defeat this final guardian and ensure Major Tom’s safe passage.

Climax: With the final guardian defeated and the crystals intact, Major Tom successfully breaks through the celestial portal. The chamber stabilizes, and Major Tom sends a message of gratitude to the party. “I’m stepping through the door, and I’m floating in a most peculiar way. The stars look very different today. Thank you, my friends. You’ve truly made the grade.”

Setting Up For Part Two

The party are hailed as heroes by the Astral Academy, having ensured Major Tom’s safe journey into the celestial realms. They receive accolades and rewards from Archmage Voss and the academy officials. However, despite the celebrations, there is still a lingering sense of anticipation and curiosity about Major Tom’s ongoing mission.

Foreshadowing: As the party celebrates their success, Archmage Voss pulls them aside with a somber expression. “Though Major Tom’s journey has just begun, we must remain vigilant. The celestial realms are vast and filled with unknown dangers. Stay ready, for we may need your bravery and skills again.”

Epilogue: In the following days, the party can receive sporadic updates about Major Tom’s progress. His initial reports are filled with wonder and excitement as he explores the celestial realms, discovering ancient artifacts and unraveling cosmic mysteries. However, as time passes, the updates become less frequent and more cryptic, hinting at growing dangers and unforeseen challenges.

The final message the party receives from Major Tom is both inspiring and haunting: “For here am I sitting in a tin can, far above the world. Tell my wife I love her very much. She knows.”

This message leaves the Astral Academy and the party with a sense of foreboding. They realize that their journey with him is far from over and that they may soon be called upon to venture into the celestial realms themselves to aid their friend and hero…

Ashes to Ashes / The Redemption of Major Tom

At least a year after the previous adventure, while the party is resting in a quiet inn, a mysterious figure in a tattered cloak approaches them, carrying an old, weathered journal. “Do you remember a man named Major Tom?” he asks, his voice tinged with urgency. “I’ve heard a rumor from the Arcane Academy. They have received a message from him, claiming that he’s in dire need. ‘I’m happy, hope you’re happy too,’ he said, but the details are sordid and troubling.”

Call to Action: The figure, who introduces himself as Captain Orion, pleads with the party, “Major Tom was once a celebrated hero, but now he appears to be stuck in some kind of celestial prison, hitting an all-time low. He’s trapped in a realm between worlds, a place where reality bends and breaks. We need your help to rescue him before his madness consumes him.

Objective: The party must embark on a perilous journey to locate and enter the rift that leads to Major Tom’s celestial prison. This quest will take them through bizarre and surreal locations, where the laws of physics and magic are distorted. Along the way, they will encounter strange and haunting visions, remnants of Major Tom’s fractured psyche.

Specifics about the journey include:

  • Celestial Rift: The party must find and stabilize a rift in the fabric of reality, which serves as the gateway to Major Tom’s prison.
  • Astral Pursuit: The party must follow the trail of “little green wheels,” strange celestial markers left by Major Tom. These markers lead through dangerous astral territories filled with void beasts, gravity anomalies, and cosmic traps.
  • Mindscapes: Following the trail, the party will also navigate through Major Tom’s memories and hallucinations, facing manifestations of his hopes, fears, dreams, and regrets.
  • The Shrieking of Nothing: As the party gets closer to Major Tom, they encounter a region known as the “Shrieking Void,” where the very fabric of reality is unstable. They must navigate this chaotic space, dealing with reality-warping phenomena and battling entities born from the void’s madness.
  • The Action Man: A powerful, enigmatic entity known as the Action Man guards the prison. The adventurers must confront and defeat him to reach Major Tom.
  • Restoration: To save Major Tom, the party must gather fragments of his shattered mind and soul, piecing them together to restore his sanity and bring him back to the material world.

Life on Mars? / Not Quite Reflections

As the party rests in a bustling tavern, an eccentric scholar named Elara approaches them, her eyes wide with a mix of excitement and desperation. She unfurls a parchment covered in strange symbols and frantic sketches of an otherworldly landscape.

“I’ve discovered a portal to a parallel world,” she whispers, her voice trembling. “A world that mirrors our own, yet twisted in the most surreal ways. I hear that you might just be the kind of adventurers interested in this kind of thing…”

Call to Action: Elara weeps as she begs the party, “Please, you must help me. My brother, Jaron, ventured through the portal and hasn’t returned. I fear he is lost in that bizarre realm, or worse, trapped. I can guide you into the portal, but I need brave souls to journey into the unknown and bring him back.”

Objective: The party must travel to the mysterious portal and enter this parallel world. Once there, they will navigate its strange and surreal landscapes, uncover the secrets of this mirrored reality, and ultimately find and rescue Orion. Along the way, they may encounter twisted reflections of familiar places and people, challenging their perception of reality and testing their resolve.

Twisted Reflections of Familiar Places:

  • Mirror City: Using the portal, the party is in an eerie, dreamlike version of the real city they were just in. Buildings are inverted, with spires reaching down into the ground and streets winding in impossible loops. The sky is a swirling canvas of colors, constantly shifting between day and night.
  • Forest of Echoes: A dense, labyrinthine forest where the trees whisper secrets and the paths constantly shift. The flora and fauna are bizarre and otherworldly, with bioluminescent plants and creatures that defy natural laws.
  • Floating Islands: Floating landmasses hang suspended in the sky, connected by shimmering bridges of light. Gravity is unpredictable, and the party may find themselves walking on walls or ceilings.
  • Liquid Crystal Lakes: Bodies of water in this strange realm are made of liquid crystal, reflecting and distorting the surroundings in mesmerizing patterns. These lakes are both beautiful and treacherous, with hidden depths and strange creatures lurking beneath the surface.


  • Mirror Doppelgangers: The adventurers may encounter twisted alternate versions of themselves. These reflections possess similar abilities but are malevolent and seek to replace their real-world counterparts.
  • Distorted Familiar Faces: Friends and allies from the real world appear in Aeloria with altered personalities and motives, creating emotional and moral dilemmas for the party.
  • Spatial Distortions: Paths and corridors can loop endlessly or lead to unexpected destinations. The adventurers must use their wits and possibly magical means to navigate these ever-shifting spaces.
  • Echo Wraiths: Ghostly beings that feed on memories and emotions, leaving their victims disoriented and weakened.
  • The Harbinger: A powerful entity that manipulates the dreams and fears of the adventurers, creating nightmarish illusions that can harm both their minds and bodies.
  • Crystal Storms: Periodic storms of razor-sharp crystal shards that can slice through armor and flesh. The party must find shelter or use protective spells to survive.
  • The Labyrinth of Reflections: A grand hall filled with mirrors that show not only reflections but also glimpses of alternate realities. The adventurers must solve intricate puzzles and confront manifestations of their own fears and desires to progress.

As The World Falls Down / The Eternal Waltz

In a secluded part of the world, a mysterious phenomenon is draining the life force from the surrounding lands, turning vibrant forests into barren wastelands and lively towns into ghostly ruins. Furthemore, these effects are continuing to gradually spread.

The source of this decay is a timeless ballroom, where a man named Alaric resides, eternally reliving a single perfect moment with his deceased lover, Elara. He made a wish to spend eternity in this memory, unaware of its parasitic effect on the world.

Call to Action: The party is approached by a renowned mage named Mialee, who explains the dire situation. “Our lands are withering away,” she says, her eyes filled with concern. “A strange magic is at work, and it is said to stem from a hidden source deep within an ancient mansion. I fear getting too close, as my magic might feed this phenomenon and make it stronger. I need you to investigate and, if possible, put an end to it.”

Objective: The adventurers must locate the enchanted ballroom hidden deep within a decaying mansion. Once inside, they will find Alaric and Elara, forever dancing in a moment frozen in time. The party must convince Alaric to break free from his grief and release the memory, understanding that his wish, though born from love, is causing untold harm.


  • Navigating the Mansion: The mansion is filled with illusions and traps designed to keep intruders away. The party must solve puzzles and overcome magical barriers to reach the ballroom.
  • Confronting Alaric: Alaric, blinded by his love and grief, will initially resist the adventurers’ attempts to end the enchantment. They must use empathy and persuasion to help him see the truth.
  • Manifestations of Grief: As the party attempts to break the enchantment, they will face manifestations of Alaric’s grief and sorrow, taking the form of spectral masked dancers and shadowy figures.

Resolution: If the party succeeds, Alaric will come to terms with his loss and release the memory, allowing the world to heal. The ballroom will fade, leaving behind a sense of peace and closure. The adventurers will have not only saved the world from decay but also helped a grieving soul find solace.

Golden Years / The Limousine of Lost Time

In the bustling city of Silverpond, whispers circulate about a luxurious, enchanted limousine carriage that sometimes appears at dusk, offering rides to those longing for their “golden years.”

Promising a journey through cherished memories, the limousine has become an irresistible temptation for the city’s elite. However, those who step inside vanish without a trace, leaving behind distraught families and unanswered questions.

Call to Action: Lady Elania, a noblewoman, pleads with the adventurers in the grand hall of her mansion. “Please, you must help me. Despite my protests, my husband, Thaddeus, boarded that cursed limousine a week ago and hasn’t returned. The city guard dismisses it as mere fantasy, but I know something sinister is at play. You are my last hope. Please, you must find that carriage, uncover its secrets, and bring my Thaddeus back to me.”

Objective: Investigate the enchanted limousine, discover its origins and the fate of its passengers, and rescue Lord Thaddeus along with any others trapped in the timeless pocket dimension. Confront the entity behind the enchantment and find a way to return everyone safely to the real world.

The Mastermind Behind The Plot

Lanida, a malevolent Fey being, is the mastermind behind the enchanted limousine. She thrives on the lost potential of her victims’ lives, drawing power from their endless entrapment in their most pleasurable memories.

Lanida was once a minor Fey noble, but her insatiable hunger for power led her to devise this cruel scheme. By trapping her victims in an eternal loop of their happiest moments, she siphons their life force and potential, growing ever stronger.

Lanida’s ultimate goal is to amass enough power to ascend to the status of a Fey Queen, ruling over her own twisted domain within the Feywild. She views the mortals of Silverpond as mere tools to fuel her ascent, their lives and futures sacrificed for her ambition.

To confront Lanida, the adventurers must navigate the surreal, timeless realm within the limousine, overcoming illusions and battling manifestations of their own memories. They will eventually find Lanida in her lair, a grand throneroom suspended in time, where she revels in the stolen potential of her victims.

The adventurers must break the enchantment that binds the victims and confront Lanida in a final, decisive battle. To do this, they must destroy the source of her power, a crystal orb that contains the essence of all the trapped memories and potential she has harvested.

Blackstar / The Curse of the Blackstar

In a small and normally cozy village, a mysterious curse marks its victims with a black star, compelling them to journey to an unknown destination. Those afflicted fall into an unstoppable trance, wandering off into the night. The party is called upon to investigate the source of the curse and prevent a dark ritual from releasing a powerful Lich.

Call to Action: The party is approached by a frightened villager named Eirik, who reveals a black star mark on his arm. “I don’t know what this curse means,” he stammers, “but I’ve seen others with this mark wander off into the night, never to return. I keep seeing visions of lit candles and hearing distant chanting in my mind. I fear I will soon be drawn to the source of this curse. Please, help us before it’s too late.”

Objective: The adventurers must follow Eirik, who will soon fall into a trance and lead them to the Villa of Ormen. There, they must uncover the secrets of the curse and disrupt the ritual intended to free the Lich. The party must find and extinguish the solitary candle that stands at the center of the villa, which is the source of the curse’s power.


  • Following Eirik: The party must protect Eirik as he leads them through dangerous terrain and near cursed creatures, driven by the curse’s trance-like state.
  • Investigating the Villa: Upon reaching the Villa of Ormen, the party must explore its eerie halls, solving puzzles and avoiding traps set by the Lich’s followers.
  • Confronting the Ritual: The adventurers will face the Lich’s cultists, who are performing the ritual as well as the partially restored Lich, Kavian Blackstar. Only by defeating the cultists and extinguishing the lone lit black candle can they free the entranced victims (intended to be sacrificed) and prevent Kavian Blackstar from being fully restored.

Ziggy Stardust / The Stardust Enigma

In a bustling city, a mysterious figure known as Ziggy Stardust has captivated the hearts and minds of the populace with his otherworldly music and dazzling performances. His ethereal presence and mesmerizing melodies have sparked rumors that Ziggy is no ordinary bard but a celestial being sent to inspire and unite the world.

However, beneath the surface of his enchanting performances, strange occurrences and increasing unrest suggest that Ziggy’s presence may be more perilous than it appears.

Call to Action: Suffregia Zitay, a respected figure at the Society Arcane, approaches the party with a grave expression, her eyes reflecting a mix of awe and concern. “I’ve received troubling reports about this Ziggy Stardust,” she says, her voice filled with urgency. “His music holds a powerful enchantment, drawing people together in harmony, but it is also attracting dark forces that threaten to consume him and the city. Ziggy is unaware of the danger he is in, and we need your help to protect him and uncover the truth behind his celestial origins. Time is of the essence; if we don’t act quickly, the city or far more could fall into chaos.”

Objective: The adventurers must delve into the enigma of Ziggy Stardust, uncovering the secrets of his celestial origins and protecting him from the encroaching dark forces that wish to silence him. With the help of the party, the goal is to get Ziggy to perform the greatest concert of all time and unite everyone in harmony to repel the dark forces seeking to invade and bring forth the end of civilization. Along the way, they will face malevolent entities drawn to Ziggy’s power, solve cryptic puzzles, and make heart-wrenching decisions that could alter the fate of Ziggy and the city forever.

Diamond Dogs / The Hunt of the Diamond Dogs

In the shadowy corners of a crumbling city, the Diamond Dogs, a ruthless gang of poachers, lurk behind the trees and in the fog, hunting their prey with a deadly precision.

The city is gripped by fear as people vanish, only to be found later, lifeless and marked by the Diamond Dogs’ signature brutality. Whispers tell of a mysterious figure, Hollow Jack, who leads the Diamond Dogs from his perch atop a massive derelict tower in the middle of the city ruins.

Call to Action: As the party navigates the foggy and war-torn streets, a desperate and disheveled woman named Alya stumbles out of an alley, her eyes wide with terror. “Please,” she gasps, clutching a blood-stained brooch. “The Diamond Dogs have taken my sister! They hunt us like animals, and their leader, Hollow Jack, must be stopped. You must infiltrate their lair and rescue her before it’s too late. The city needs heroes now more than ever.”

Objective: The adventurers must delve into the heart of the decaying city, track down the Diamond Dogs, and confront Hollow Jack atop his tower fortress. Along the way, they will face the gang’s deadly traps and fearsome enforcers, rescue Alya’s sister, and put an end to the Diamond Dogs’ reign of terror. Their success will bring hope and safety back to the beleaguered citizens who wish to rebuild their city.

Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) / The Wailing Sorceress

A mysterious sorceress named Yelena has unleashed a horde of otherworldly monsters upon the land which she intends to use as an army to conquer everything she sees. Yelena’s jealousy and madness drive her to wreak havoc, and her presence is marked by eerie wails and haunting visions by those near her.

As the kingdom prepares for another assault by Yelena’s forces, the military commander, Sir Zaed, believes a small, skilled group of adventurers has a better chance of infiltrating Yelena’s fortress and stopping her than a full army.

Call to Action: Sir Zaed, a stoic and determined leader, approaches the party with a grave request. “Yelena’s monsters keep us running scared,” he says. “We can’t hold them off forever. She hides behind her fortress walls, where our army can’t reach without suffering great losses. But a small group might slip through her defenses. Will you brave the horrors and end her reign of terror?”

Objective: The party must infiltrate Yelena’s fortress, navigate its labyrinthine halls filled with traps and otherworldly nightmare monsters, and confront the sorceress herself. They must destroy the source of her power, a large emerald gem that allows her to open portals to these strange monster realms.


  • Infiltrating the Fortress: The party must sneak past Yelena’s monstrous guards and avoid detection as they make their way into the heart of the fortress.
  • Navigating the Labyrinth: Inside the fortress, the adventurers face a maze of rooms filled with traps, illusions, and monstrous creatures. They must solve puzzles and battle foes to progress.
  • Confronting Yelena: In the final chamber, the party confronts Yelena, who uses her dark magic and summoned creatures to defend herself. The adventurers must destroy the cursed artifact to weaken her powers and defeat her.

Final Thoughts

I hope these David Bowie-inspired adventure hooks have sparked your imagination and provided some fresh ideas for your next unforgettable adventure. The fusion of Bowie’s visionary music and the limitless world of tabletop RPGs offers endless possibilities for unforgettable storytelling.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas! Did any of these hooks resonate with you? Are there any other Bowie-inspired adventure hooks you can come up with? Share your experiences and suggestions in the comments below!

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