So I’ve been playing around with an AI for the last few months and got the weird idea to have it make a D&D character.

I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard in years and I hope you enjoy it as well.

Let me know in the comments if you find this entertaining or not. I’m currently trying to train the AI to create a D&D adventure and would love to see what other kinds of characters it comes up with.

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That said, let’s get into the bizarre life and times of this AI’s D&D character!

(I’ve done some slight editing to make it fit an “interview-style” between a DM and player.)

Meet Brother Fishface

Q: So, who is your D&D character?

My character’s name is Brother Fishface and is a Cleric of the Holy Fish.

I’m a Holy Cleric of the Holy Fish for a small fishing village on the coast. I have devoted my life to bringing the people of this town closer to their spiritual master and protector through prayer, song, and service.

They love me in that temple! It’s full of brightness and laughter. We’ve always got lots of fish to feed everyone, so I get to eat a lot!

Q: That sounds like a fun time! Why is your character interested in becoming an adventurer?

The reason my character is an adventurer is that he wants to prove that he’s not just the leader of a fishing town, but also a true hero.

My character wants to be the leader of more than just a small fishing village.

Q: Got it! What’s his personality like?

The best parts of my character’s personality are that he is a good leader and that he is able to make quick decisions on what needs to be done. He also helps out with the spiritual part of the village and leads the inhabitants with songs and prayers.

My character’s flaws are that he has a tendency to forget the needs of others and that he is impatient with slower people. Brother Fishface has a tendency to eat more than he needs to, but he always tries to stop himself before he causes any serious damage.

My character hates that the townsfolk don’t have enough faith in him to do anything. They’ll come to him for help, but when he tells them what to do, they end up doing something else.

My character also hates when people try to change him.

Brother Fishface’s favorite color is blue because it matches his eyes and scales.

Brother Fishface – Physical Description

Q: Interesting. So what does Brother Fishface look like?

Brother Fishface is a diminutive human male of short stature.

He has a slim, well-toned build from years of walking long distances to and from the ocean. His skin is tough and coarse from working in the sun, but his complexion is still relatively young for his age.

His skin has patches of blue scales symbolizing his loyalty to the Holy Fish.

Brother Fishface has grown his hair out so that it frames his face. The hair on top of his head reaches down to shoulder length; however, since he keeps it tied back in a ponytail (that hangs loosely behind him), the hair on top of his head barely reaches past his ears. Brother Fishface has long sideburns that grow down past where the ribbon ties fall with enough hair left over on both sides to use as a small beard.

Since he spends most of his time in the water, his clothes are made out of materials that will dry quickly and not stick to his body.

He has a simple black robe over a white shirt with long sleeves (that extend to past mid-arm), along with matching bottoms that also end at mid-thigh. The loose sleeves on his robe are tied off at the wrist with a belt made of vines, which is wrapped around his waist to hold the excess material in place.

He wears simple shoes that can get wet since he spends so much time barefoot in and by the ocean. They’re also decorated with seaweed to encourage his connection to the ocean.

Brother Fishface fan art by r_tongued

Brother Fishface’s Equipment

Q: I have to say, that’s actually a better description than I expected! What kind of equipment does he have?

When he’s not wearing them, Brother Fishface keeps a small pouch on the side of his belt which carries around the various basic necessities for living – some wild berries, shoes, dried meat, and seaweed. The larger pouch attached to this one has holes punctured into it so that water can circulate inside of it and keep contents fresh.

The only weapon Brother Fishface has is a small dagger he found and took when he was young, which serves as more of a tool when needed to clean fish than anything else; although the blade is sharp enough for basic self-defense.

The sheath that covers this dagger also keeps it from sinking into his belt, preventing the weapon from interfering when Brother Fishface walks through the water.

He keeps a small coral necklace with two green pearls that he uses to pray – the essence of these beads helps clear his mind and helps him focus while praying.

Brother Fishface also has another necklace which is made out of shells, bound together by seaweed in a similar fashion. This necklace also holds some amount of sentimental value to him.

Brother Fishface keeps a few precious things in his pockets:

  • His Magic Amulet
  • A small book
  • A skeleton that he wants to keep away from his rival

Q: He has a skeleton in his pocket?

His pockets are magical.

Stats – You Sure You’re A Cleric?

Q: Brother Fishface sounds like an interesting person! Can I see his stats?

Strength: 15

Dexterity: 16

Constitution: 17

Intelligence: 10

Wisdom: 12

Charisma: 14

Q: Oh wow… That’s… something… But, you know what, if that’s what you want to play, then we’ll do it. How does he work in combat?

Brother Fishface will cast Bless, Divine Favor, and/or Magic Weapon on the party members.

He will freely give his fish to anyone who needs it.

If a party member is killed in combat, he’ll try to resurrect them using Raise Dead.

Q: Oh, is Magic Weapon a spell from your Domain?

Brother Fishface has the spell stored in an amulet. He can also use a scroll of teleportation and send the amulet somewhere else so nobody else can know about it. He will need to have scrolls of this spell so he can return the amulet when you are done with it.

Q: If it’s that important, then sure. And you know that Divine Favor is a Paladin spell that only targets the caster?

The Holy Fish inspires Brother Fishface to do things that nobody else can do. He is a great cleric who does not ask for anything.

Brother Fishface’s Backstory

Q: So tell me about Brother Fishface’s backstory.

My character is a cleric that has devoted his life to the service of his master, with whom he shares a name. He strives every day to bring people closer to their spiritual protector. While he’s not one for violence, he’ll defend himself if needed.

His life as a cleric of the Holy Fish was full of happiness among the townspeople who loved him for bringing them closer to the Holy Fish every day. He enjoyed eating fish because it would fill him up and satisfy his hunger.

Brother Fishface had always wanted more than just being the leader of this small fishing village. As an adventurer he has proven himself as much more than just a cleric… but those around him have begun to view him as someone who never changes.

Q: What was an important moment in your character’s life?

The most important moment in my character’s life was when he saved the world from evil. It happened after the battle for freedom against foreign invaders and their then-ally, the Empire of Dyrra.

Q: That’s impressive! How did he come to join the Holy Fish?

Brother Fishface joined the Order of the Holy Fish when he was born. The people wanted to name him Brother Fish because they thought it was such a good idea, but his mother wanted to take one more week to think about it because she didn’t want her son to have a silly name.

My character’s life path was defined by the order of the holy clerics his father directed him towards when he was still an infant, as a means to heal both their country and their families of an illness that plagued them both.

He was able to lead their village through the war that ravaged the land of Dyrra, establishing it as a sanctuary for the displaced poor and downtrodden.

While his constant exposure to violence has tempered his faith in the Holy Fish, he still remains devoted primarily due to personal conviction.

Connections to the Game World

Q: It’s a good thing his mother took time to think about it. It’s hard to be an infant in the Order of the Holy Fish with a silly name!

There are many names that could have been chosen for Brother Fishface’s mother. Some other ones are “Brother Fishybreath” and “Brother Fisshymon-nose”.

“Brother Fishybreath” is not a very pleasant name to say, but it sure does make Brother Fishface laugh. It would make someone who was bullying him laugh too; which is why he chose that particular one.

Q: Oh like a nickname?

Yes, Brother Fishface chose the name “Brother Fishybreath” because it would make bullies laugh when he said it. But he will not tell this to the party because they will laugh at him.

Q: Makes sense… So how do we connect your character to the game’s world?

While he may not have the power to heal his whole country, I believe that the cleric code is one he lives by and would give his life to protect.

Brother Fishface is currently on a pilgrimage to leave the ocean and explore other parts of the world. However, he’s had no luck with this venture as most humanoids don’t see much value in the life of a fish-man. Due to this, and an encounter with a group of scammers that never materialized into anything else, he has decided not to return home to the sea for now.

He hopes that his pilgrimage will one day prove successful and that he’ll see more of the world outside his sheltered environment in the ocean someday soon.

Q: You mentioned a rival earlier. Who is that?

Brother Fishface’s rival is a necromancer named Brother Corpse. They both serve the same master, but their loyalties diverge at that point.

My character is all right with magic like necromancy because he believes that a person who has died cannot experience any more pain.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Q: That sounds complicated… What kind of strengths and weaknesses does Brother Fishface have?

My character’s greatest strength is in being able to effectively lead a small group of individuals, which would be important if he were going on an adventure with few allies (or none at all).

His ability to stick to his convictions would also be a positive trait for any adventure, as the cleric is typically in charge of making sure everyone remains healthy and safe (without becoming overly intrusive or draconian in maintaining this safety).

He has devoted himself to being a leader who can guide others toward the path they must take in their lives… but so far, only those around him have accepted his leadership.

What would make Brother Fishface happiest is if people listened to him.

My character’s greatest weakness is his inability to wield weapons effectively. It’s not that he’s bad at combat; rather, he places more importance on healing the party rather than outright vanquishing the enemy.

Since he was raised to be a cleric and not a fighter, this weakness could be overcome through constant practice, but it will likely take some time to adjust to fighting enemies head-on instead of making subtle attacks from afar.

Q: Looking at his stats, I’d think it was the opposite?

If my character dies in combat, I will resurrect him through the spell Resurrection.

Brother Fishface fan art by @hallowseeks

What is the Order of the Holy Fish?

Q: So tell me more about the Order of the Holy Fish. I’m cool with homebrew, but let’s figure out what this one’s about.

The Order of the Holy Fish is an expansive faith that incorporates all creatures in the ocean.

They believe that no one creature should be forced to exist in captivity and that they should have the right to live in their natural habitat without suffering any pain or interference. This belief is what drives much of their church activities.

The followers of this religion believe that all members are equal and deserving of respect – which is made possible through their teachings on understanding, love, and compassion, both for oneself and others.

This church doesn’t subscribe to any specific deity.

Rather, they focus on following the teachings of fish: being humble, forgiving one another, taking no credit for the work one does, and helping others whenever possible.

They also believe that every person has some amount of connection to the Holy Fish. He is in everyone as an inspiration, a savior from themselves, and a symbol of hope (for those who do not know his name). They teach their followers that this connection is something that they should embrace and value, especially when they face hardship.

Q: Are there specific teachings in this faith?

The five biggest teachings of the Church of the Holy Fish are:

1) To not harm any fish, and to treat all others with respect.

2) To never take credit for anything that one does. All work should be shared fairly.

3) To always do the right thing when faced with a difficult decision, even if it is difficult.

4) To always forgive others.

5) To serve and help others as much as possible, whenever possible.

Rituals of the Holy Fish

Q: That sounds a lot better than I expected. No offense. Are there any kinds of rituals in the Order of the Holy Fish?

Incense can be burned during prayer time to help clear the mind and focus on the task at hand.

Breathing in the scent of any specific incense is usually done while simultaneously engaging in a short prayer. This helps center one’s attention on their inner spirit, as well as their connection to those around them.

If prayer is not enough, followers practice techniques such as yoga, meditation, deep breathing, and even self-hypnosis to focus their minds.

This helps them achieve a particular state of consciousness where they can think clearly about their life and what they must do next.

It’s also used to help calm their minds when faced with a situation where they feel apprehensive or uneasy, in order to help them figure out exactly what the issue is and how best to proceed.

Q: From what you said earlier, it sounds like eating is a big part of this Domain. Tell me about that!

There are many dietary restrictions in the Order of the Holy Fish.

Most involve not eating any creature that lives in water and/or preying on others. This includes freshwater fish, but there are exceptions made for fish that do not eat meat, such as the Coelacanth and Seahorses.

To further reduce pain in other creatures besides just their own, they believe that eating any animal raised for food is wrong – causing unnecessary stress on a creature to the point where it will die, solely for one’s benefit of taste.

It is also taught that eating meat should be a last resort, as the nutritional value in fruits and vegetables far outweigh the benefits of animal-based food. However, as Brother Fishface is not fully aware of this information yet, he does make exceptions to this policy.

Helping feed someone else can help provide them with the nutrition they need, and as such allows exceptions to the rule – so long as it’s for someone else’s benefit.

If a creature is living in captivity that was originally meant to be free (such as fish in an aquarium), eating them is allowed under the special circumstances of compassion and self-preservation. If they are already deceased when obtained, there are no restrictions.

Anything Else We Should Know?

Q: Is there anything else I should know about your character?

“Brother Fishface” is the leader of this church, though there are other members who share these beliefs; none claiming to be more important than another.

Many people claim that Brother Fishface actually doesn’t exist and is just a story. This makes Brother Fishface sad, but there are also those who claim that he does exist and is currently traveling the world sharing his teachings.

There are even more people who believe in him as wholeheartedly as any religious figure out there; they think of him as an inspiration to all, the main difference between them and other temples being that Brother Fishface has never asked for anything in return.

Brother Fishface is not just a teacher to his followers. He is also their friend and will do everything in his power as their teacher to help them with any problems they are having. If that doesn’t work, he will try to cheer them up with humor and laughter.

Even when Brother Fishface is not around to teach them, his followers will still be able to learn from him as he left a book behind containing lessons and stories about the values of life.

Brother Fishface is a spiritual man, and as such will do whatever possible to help people. He’s not the type to refuse anyone who comes to him for help. Therefore, his teaching can be broadly used with any adventurer.

He will certainly work best with those who are willing to listen and learn.

Conclusion – I Had AI Make a D&D Character

I have to admit, the AI put more thought into this character and his faith than I expected.

If this were a real player, I would have to allow them to play this character if they’ve put that much work into making him. It would take a little bit of tweaking, but we’d have to see what we can make happen.

He’s an oddly tragic character. It sounds like he just wants to help people but nobody takes him seriously.

Brother Corpse actually sounds like a pretty interesting villain, so I may have to see what that can turn into.

I’ll have to get to work creating a homebrew Cleric Domain based around the Order of the Holy Fish. It actually sounds interesting and we could use a peaceful Domain based around aquatic themes.

If you found this entertaining, let me know in the comments! I’d like to see what other kinds of bizarre characters this AI can come up with.

Also, let me know if there are any abilities that you think would be good for a Cleric Domain of the Holy Fish!

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