The purest Dungeons and Dragons experience is all about immersion. D&D players need to feel like they are in the game’s world, not just sitting at a table.

While there is a proud tradition of running D&D games on grid paper or simply as “theatre of the mind”, there’s nothing quite like the experience of really bringing the setting to life with 3d terrain for everyone at the table to interact with.

The problem with getting 3d terrain to use in your D&D game has always been two-fold.

You can get hardy and ornate terrain, but that quality comes at an equally high price. On the other hand, you can get cheaper paper/cardboard terrain but it just doesn’t offer quite the same feeling as the fancier options.

So with WizKids offering an option with the goal of being affordable but still high quality, it’s pretty exciting.

But how does their terrain actually stack up?

We’re taking a deep dive in this review of WizKids WarLock dungeon tiles to find out if it’s the right solution for you!

(Note: I’ll be focusing on the Dungeon Tiles I set specifically since that’s really more of the “starter set” than anything else.)

What Are WizKids WarLock Tiles?

Like I mentioned in the beginning, creating that sense of immersion is a core part of the D&D experience.

WarLock Tiles from WizKids help you achieve that immersive experience by providing terrain for your game. They’re pre-painted and ready to use right out of the box so you can make your own dungeons with ease, while still maintaining the D&D feel.

Dungeon construction is quick (and I mean QUICK!), which is perfect for DMs who want to create an engaging dungeon without having to spend hours on it. The modular nature of the WarLock Tile system means that you’re fully able to tinker and build to your heart’s content!

The WarLock Tiles Dungeon Set I from WizKids

The 1” tall walls are the perfect size. They add that depth and environment but don’t get in the way when the players at your table are moving their pieces around the dungeon.

You’ll also notice that the offset walls provide a seamless grid throughout the entire play space. This means you won’t have to force and fidget your miniatures because of terrain pieces’ corners invading the play area.

What holds it all together (literally!) are the Warlock Tile clips. These curious vaguely-“H”-shaped clips fasten securely into the base of the tiles and allow you to link them together with no tools required. I’m a big fan of this and we’ll go into more detail on the specifics of that in just a moment!

Finally, all of the tiles are reversible so you get two different designs! (In the Dungeon Tiles I set, it’s wood and stone which should cover most of your terrain needs for a start!)

How to Use WizKids WarLock Tiles

All of the pieces within the WarLock Tiles terrain system are meant to work together while giving you total control over how you build the environment.

For an abandoned dungeon or a vampire’s castle, the stone side of the tiles works perfectly. If it’s something like a tavern or a warehouse hideout, you only need to flip the tile over to use the wood pattern!

Personally, I like to build out the dungeon without the Tile Clips first just to make sure it looks perfect before I begin connecting the pieces. If it’s all looking how I envisioned, then I begin securing the pieces together with the Tile Clips.

There are tons of combinations and no limits so don’t be afraid to experiment!

If you’re trying to create a dungeon with some specific unconventional features (like an area that’s caved in at a weird angle) like the Amber Temple from Curse of Strahd, you might have to improvise a bit. Otherwise, you should have no problem building most dungeons in most of the 5e adventure modules!

Using the WarLock Tile Clips

Attaching and removing the WarLock Tile clips is easy. Simply slide one end of the Tile Clip (the top of the “H” shape) into the groove of the tile. From there, line the connector up with where you want to connect on the second tile and push them together to fasten.

You’ll hear a little “click” when it’s secure.

This works for all of the floor tiles and most of the wall and door tiles. (Some of the walls and doors use a different mechanism that I’ll explain in a moment.)

For most tiles, one clip in the center is generally enough. Naturally, you’ll need to use more for larger pieces or if you have any particularly clumsy players at the table. (Hey, I’m not pointing any fingers!)

When it’s time to put everything up, removing the clips is similarly easy. It will take a little bit of muscle, but they pop out easily if you just make sure you have a firm grip on the tile and the clip.

I’ve seen some reviews say that people were needing to use pliers to remove the clips, but that hasn’t been my experience at all. It’s possible that it was an early issue that WizKids has since fixed. If you just grip the pieces firmly and pull, you should have no difficulty.

The WarLock Tile Clips are used to secure tiles together.

Interior Walls and Doors

In the Dungeon Set 1, you’ll find that there are some thinner walls and doors that don’t have slots for the clip to connect. Instead, they have two metallic tabs.

These are meant to be used for the interior of the environment to add depth without taking up too much extra space.

To attach them, simply line up those metal tabs where they’re on either side of the clip that is connecting two floor tiles. When you snap the two floor tiles together, they’ll press against those metal tabs and hold the wall/door upright.

These make for great side rooms or partitions to include in your dungeon!

WarLock Tiles Features and Details

Alright, so now that we’ve covered how the WarLock Tiles work, let’s look at some of the more specific features and details.

What’s In the Box?

The WarLock Tiles Dungeon Tiles I set includes:

  • 2×2” stone/wood dual-sided tiles (26)
  • 4×4” Stone/Wood dual-sided tiles (2)
  • 2×8” Stone/Wood dual-sided tiles (2)
  • 2” Stone Straight Walls (18)
  • 2” Stone Interior Walls (16)
  • 2” Stone Exterior Single Doors (4)
  • 2” Stone Exterior Double Doors (4)
  • 2” Stone Interior Single Doors (2)
  • Stone Corner Pillars (8)
  • Stone Inside Corner Walls (5)
  • Stone Outside Corner Walls (5)
  • Stone Edge Caps (20)
  • DRAGONLOCK Adaptor Clips (8)
  • OpenLOCK Adaptor Clips (8)
It’s easy to keep your tiles organized!

WarLock Tile Clips

The Warlock Tile Clips are what you use to secure the tiles and pieces together. The OpenLOCK and DRAGONLOCK adaptor clips let you more easily incorporate parts from other terrain sets if needed.

All in all, I’m pretty impressed with the Tile Clips.

They allow you to construct rooms in advance and place them on the table as needed without needing to take breaks to build out the next area every 30 minutes.

Additionally, it helps prevent disaster scenarios that might be caused by a curious pet, toddler, or clumsy player. There have been a few occasions in my own games that we were especially thankful for how sturdy these clips are!


WizKids WarLock Tiles are made with very durable plastic.

Going back to that whole bit about pets, toddlers, and clumsy players, my tiles have easily survived all three!

Unless you’re specifically setting out to destroy these, they can take a lot of abuse! The paint holds well even when scratching at it with my fingernails. Regular readers of my reviews will know that durability/survivability is a big thing for me!

I would recommend being careful when you’re connecting the tiles though! As I mentioned, these don’t really have a lot of “give” to them.

If you’re playing on a wood surface, these could very easily scratch it up when you’re pushing the pieces together. In that case, I’d recommend connecting them in your hands and then placing them on the table.

Just something to be mindful of!

Yup! The doors open!


For the price, I’m very impressed with the level of detail in the WarLock Tiles line.

It helps to perfectly capture the feeling of the environment that you’re creating and adds to the immersion.

Sure, there are better/more ornate paint jobs in some of the other more expensive terrain options, but I’m not complaining! For the money, you could do MUCH worse than these!

Naturally, there are plenty of other miniatures available for you to pick up that will add even more character to what you build. WizKids also has tons of options for things like barrels, wagons, fountains, and other such décor. A lot of those are included in the Dungeon Dressings expansion from the same line.

It all depends on just how far you want to go in your build!

I have yet to pick up any of that and it’s still been a wonderful experience for everyone at my table. I’ll probably get some miscellaneous environment add-ons at some point.

Who Are WizKids WarLock Tiles For?

WizKids Warlock Tiles are best for a group that plays regularly and wants to really increase the immersion in their game. This is especially true if you’re already using miniatures in your game!

Even beyond adding the immersion for the flavor of it, it can also add a new level of tactics and strategy to your game.

Walls, doors, and other environmental factors become much more present and tangible which can greatly affect how the party is interacting with the world and operating in combat.

If your group only plays quick “pop-up” games or is more about hanging out and joking around than storytelling and/or tactical combat, I don’t think you’ll quite get the full benefit of using terrain.

If that’s the case, I’d recommend you instead pick up some of the cardboard Dungeon Tiles for your better option! It still lets you add some character to your game beyond the standard graph paper or game mat but is much cheaper.

Particularly for Dungeon Masters, WizKids WarLock Tiles let you spend less time building your dungeon and more time actually running it.

If you are DM-ing for a group but not hosting, you’ll be happy to know that the WarLock clips mean that your precious construction can travel well. No worries about bumps or quick stops undoing all of your hard work!

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Terrain lets you really have fun with your miniatures!

Are WizKids WarLock Tiles Worth It?

For any review that I do, I look at three primary factors: usefulness, overall quality, and value (or bang for the buck.)

Determining whether the WarLock tiles are worth it or not, I’ll be assigning a score of “Get it Now!”, “Get it On Sale!”, or “Pass!”

That said, let’s get to the nitty-gritty!


In my own games, busting out the WizKids WarLock Tiles has had a major effect.

I’ll never forget the look on my players’ faces when I first revealed them!

They definitely worked great as a visual tool to add that extra level of immersion to the games, but I also noticed my players starting to play way more strategically than when we were using the cardboard Dungeon Tiles or just drawing the map on the gaming mat.

I consider it a definite “level up” in our games. It’s had a major impact and has been especially useful for making the players really want to explore everything that each dungeon has to offer.


I’m impressed with both the durability and the detail of the WarLock Tiles.

As for the durability, there’s nothing worse than spending good money on something that gets ruined by a sudden fall, spill, or fey prank. Unless you’re taking a chainsaw to these tiles, they should be able to easily handle whatever happens to them.

As for the quality of the paint and details, I’m happy with that as well. WizKids pre-painted miniatures can range from “awesome” to “questionable”, but there’s enough depth and texture here to really set the scene correctly. For the price, I’m actually pretty impressed!


The Dungeon Tiles I set comes with everything you should need for a pretty wide variety of encounters.

Depending on the exact size and nature, you should have no problem making reasonably creative 3-4 room dungeons with a single set. Of course, there are plenty of expansions that you can also get to stretch that even further.

For everything that’s included, I think there’s some solid “bang for the buck” here. WizKids WarLock Tiles hit that sweet spot where high quality and low price meet.

Final Verdict

If you fit the description that I mentioned when talking about who this is for, WizKids WarLock Tiles are a solid “Buy It Now!” from me.

By the same token, if your group isn’t particularly big on tactical combat and fully immersive gameplay, you probably won’t get much value out of this.

Ask yourself what kind of group you are and what kind of games you want to have. If more tactics and immersion sound like something your group wants/needs, upping your terrain game can absolutely help you achieve that!

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Conclusion – WizKids WarLock Tiles Review

I’ve been using my Warlock Tiles for about 6 months now and have played multiple games with them. I’m really happy with how well they hold up during gameplay!

My players love the extra immersion that the tiles add to our weekly game and it’s super easy to prepare the dungeon beforehand!

As far as awesome and durable dungeon terrain that won’t break the bank and is easy to use right out of the box goes, I’m absolutely a fan of WarLock tiles.

With even more sets available to expand your building options (like stairs, taverns, and towns), there really is no limit to what you can build for games!

The dungeon’s boss awaits the party’s arrival to her chamber.

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